Welcome to Trophy Hunts Inc.

Many thanks for your interest in big game (woodland caribou, moose and black bear) hunting in Newfoundland with Trophy Hunts Inc.

We specialize in trophy woodland caribou hunting and we believe that our lodge and out-camps are situated in some of the best areas in North America to bag a trophy woodland caribou. We selected the sites after years of study. Our guides are some of the best and include wildlife biologists and trappers.

The country where we hunt is pristine wilderness (accessed by aircraft), that is primarily open maritime barrens with scattered forest lands and ideal for hunting from a stationary position or spot and stalk. There are no other hunters in the area except for clients of Trophy Hunts Inc.

We have black bear hunting at a nominal fee for baited and unbaited hunts. We carry out moose hunts at our lodge in the Gander River Valley, where we have some of the best moose hunting in Newfoundland giving us a near 95% success last season. For moose/caribou combination hunts we fly you from lodge to lodge so no time is wasted at no additional charge.

Above all, we attempt to give our clients the best and most enjoyable hunt and wilderness experience obtainable. For further information please visit the other areas of our website listed to your left. Please feel free to contact us at the below address.

Thank you for visiting Trophy Hunts Inc.,
Dave Lear